Limbo Radio Mix #006

Hello music folks,

I am happy to share my Limbo Radio Mix #006. It’s a mix of left-field electronica and more straightforward techno and house tracks featuring some Manchester talent. It my first mix I recorded using my new setup and a way of discovering and incorporating all the undiscovered tracks in my music collection.

I hope you enjoy!



Lanark Artefax: Touch Absence

Clemency: Biblical Names

Hanzo: South Manchester Jet Ski Club 1

Korzi: Blue Skies & Itchy Eyes

Leftfield: Afro-Left

Orbital: Lush 3-3 (Underworld)

Means & 3rd: Monark’s Dream

Detroit Great Pubahs & Frankie Bones: The Truth (Original Mix)

kollektiv turmstrasse: environmental influences

Youth ft. Spyda MC: Kawuku Sound (Contours & Cervo Drum Machine Mix)

Sigha: Expansions (Original Mix)

Clemency: Mimic Animals That Are Easy To Leave

Oni Ayhun: OAR001-B (Original Mix)

Rabit: Pandemic

Rabit: Imp

Matmos: Tunnel

Destiny’s Child: Bills Bills Bills (Refix)

Chicks on Speed: Kaltes Klares Wasser

kollektiv turmstrasse: multitasking

Matmos: Very Large Triangles

Sigha: On The Strip (Original Mix)

Arca: Nonbirary

Limbo Radio Mix #005

Hey fellow music lovers! I’m happy to share my last Limbo Radio show that I did with Antoin Lindsay (Kiss Me Again) — we went crazy, moving from 80 bpm to 160 back, forth, and in between, a joyous journey! It was so much fun, hope you like it. X

Caribou: Sister

Four Tet: Daughter

Jay Glass Dubs: Magazine Dub

Low Jack: More Speed 

Howes: Green Lense

Rainer Veil: FM 2

Pearson Sound: Gambetta

Telefon Tel Aviv: Sound In A Dark Room (Bassnectar Remix)

Metrist: Auld Flaurist

Bfft: Like

Klein: gaz city

Bulma: Ronin

Sikka Rymes: Shake Ya Body (Fission Riddim)

Jlin: Carbon 7

Itoa: B 2the B (160 bpm)

Foodman: Mosquito & Clap

Dj Nate: Footwurk Homicide

DJ Marfox: 2685

Marie Davidson: Workaholic Paranoid Bitch

Marie Davidson: So Right

Ondo Fudd: The Mess

Cassie: Me & U (Mickey Pearce’s Mickey Luvs Cassie Remix)

Yardman Riddim ft Jamakabi: Concrete Jungle (Beneath’s 350 Remix)

Hodge & Randomer: Slipping

Haxton: Nocturne

KLO: Melt!

Lobby: 3D Thinking

Tlc Fam: Ndanda Yethu

Nkc: Posh Buzz

2 Step/Groove Chronicles: Stone Cold

Limbo Radio Mix #004

Thank you Limbo Radio for letting me play my first radio show of the year. This mix simply contains all the tracks that turned me on recently. Due to personal circumstances, it ended up having loads of weird melancholic dissonant electronica and eerie almost humorous elements in it. I was also thinking of my dear music friends who suffered a mutual personal loss today. Even though I did not know Alex I feel deeply sorry that such a passionate soul had to leave us early. I would like to dedicate this mix to him. 

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Shining Boy & Little Randy

Have A Nice Life: A Quick One Before the Eternal Worms Devours Connecticut

Telefon Tel Aviv: John Thomas on the Inside Is Nothing but Foam

Patrick Cowley: Deep Inside You

Funckarma: Strip

Björk: Notget (Lotic Keptsafe Version)

oscestra: organism // oxygen // drive (RFLX Remix)

Funckarma: Velvet

Marie Davidson: Daydreaming (Afrodeutsche Remix) – beatless version

Giorgio Moroder: Chase

Klein: Claim It

Björk: Lionsong (Choral Mix & Untold)

Actress, London Contemporary Orchestra: Audio Track 5

Croatian Armor, Jonnine Standish: Dark Cut

TOKiMONSTA & Yuna: Don’t Call Me

Mount Kimbie: Maybes

Antena: To Climb the Cliff

Jlin: Enigma 

LYZZA: Girls R Us

Aisha Devi: Two Serpents

Holly Herndon: Chorus 

Marie Davidson: Daydreaming (Afrodeutsche Remix)

Funckarma: Sparkzz (partial)


Limbo Radio Mix #003

It was an absolute pleasure to create this set focusing on HEALING together with Matthew Rothery from Kiss Me Again. Thank you Limbo Radio for having us! Hope you will enjoy the selection and the healing vibes will be received… X

Patrick Cowley: Sea of China

Croatian Amor: La Hills Burn at the Peak of Winter

Palace of Pleasure: Migrant

Arca: Vanity

Funckarma: Untitled

Boards of Canada: Jacquard Causeway

Hainbach: Gestures 2

John Hopkins: Singularity

Kelly Lee Owens: Anxi

Susumu Yokota: Hisen

Ochre: 111

Leila: Space, Love

Tonik Ensemble: Synaesthesia

Biosphere: Hyperborea

John Howes: MP CD 13

Untitled: Untitled

Boards of Canada: Buckie High

Untitled: Untitled

Untitled: Untitled

Cocteau Twins: Cherry Coloured Funk (Seefeel Remix)

Max Richter: On the Nature of Daylight (Orchestral Version)

Arthur Russell: This Is How We Walk on the Moon

Björk: Family (Strings Version)

serpentwithfeet: bless your heart

Limbo Radio Mix #002

Hoorah, my latest radio mix is online. Thank you Limbo Radio for inviting me back, it was so much fun! 

I played a partly self-indulgent set, some ambient, some noise, a bit of poetry, some beats. I also played one unreleased, forthcoming track “Gothik”, stay tuned…

Industries: Open Field, A Journey

Industries: Soundscape of the City (Live at Sounds From the Other City Festival)

Industries: Untitled (Unreleased)

Björk: Arisen My Senses (Lanark Artefax Remix)

Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange: Falling

David Hykes: Arc Descents

Vashti Bunyan: Holy Smoke

Hainbach: A Quiet Adieu

Oscestra: dolphins

Howes: Source 000535

Boards of Canada: Sunshine Recorder

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Fullmoon

Oil Thief: Hamburg

Philip Davenport: The Wishing Machine

Industries: Gothik (Live at Waterside Arts, Unreleased) – with 
extended intro including an edited version of Volker Schütz’s Hören and Sehen – Audiovisuelle Performance mit einem Oszilloskop

Oil Thief: Cologne

Aja: Marbles

Oil Thief: The History

The Haxan Cloak: The Drop

I hope you enjoy!


Limbo Radio Mix #001

Here you can listen back to my show on Limbo Radio

I played the following tracks:

Intro: Field recording of electromagnetic waves

Neu!: Leb’ Wohl

Recoil: Grain

OSCESTRA: virtuoso (Experiment II)

Einstürzende Neubauten: Tagesschau-Dub

DAF: Ich und die Wirklichkeit

Interlude: Field recording of electromagnetic waves

Bodenständig2000: Schöne die Du mein Leben

Interlude: Field recording of electromagnetic waves

Einstürzende Neubauten: DNS Wasserturm

Interlude: Field recording of electromagnetic waves

Dexxter/Funckarma: Untitled

Interlude: Field recording of urban Manchester

Industries: Rising

Rabit: Straps

Interlude: Field recording of electromagnetic waves

Rabit: Bloody Eye

Ian Isiah: 247

Iglew: Sleep Tight

Plaid: Crumax Rings

SD Laika: Remote Heaven

Oval: Legendary

Matthew Herbert: La Musica

Kraftwerk: Computerliebe

Yves Tumor: Histrionic

Interlude: Field recording of electromagnetic waves

Death Grips: Stockton

Sd Laika: Great God Pan

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Kontakte (excerpt)

The Haxan Cloak: Mara

Industries: Reform

Spaces: Apologies

Das Muster: Bedürfnisse Wecken

Afrodeutsche: WTFWTFWTF

Vessel: Euoi

Einstürzende Neubauten: Tan-Ze-Dub (excerpt)



Synthetic Mix #002 Online

I put together a mix for Synthetic Noise. It starts with a previously unreleased track of mine called “Open Field, A Journey” and contains some of my favourite electronic music producers. Follow this link to read the interview and listen to the mix.


Industries “Open Field, A Journey” 

Palace of Pleasure “Migrant”

Arca “Vanity”

Rabit “Bloody Eye”

Industries “Air”

SD Laika “Remote Heaven”

Interlude: Field Recordings of Electromagnetic Waves

Vessel “Drowned In Water and Light”

Oneohtrix Point Never “Replica”

The Haxan Cloak “The Mirror Reflection (Part 2)

J. Blackfoot “Taxi”