FLUFF #4 was such a joy! Thank you Indigo Jung for your beautiful ambient DJ set, congratulations to Niamh for her first stunning live performance with Lavender (who also had their first performance at FLUFF #2), cheers Ethereal & The Elevated and Flowers Of Evil for their captivating performances! The first picture is taken by me during my headline set as I wanted to capture the incredible audience that was so engaging and encouraging — it was also nice to see familiar faces of some wonderful people who came to previous FLUFFs. I’m so happy Norrisette and I set up this night and created a space for experimenting, presenting, collaborating (there’s some collaborations of FLUFF performers to be released soon…) and celebrating! The next FLUFF will be curated by Norrisette and will take place in September… Watch this space…

‘A Walk 1’ presented at Audire Conference in Portugal

It was a pleasure participating in the Audire Conference (Sound Experiences: Memory, Creativity and Participation) in Braga, Portugal. I was especially excited that curator Cláudia Martinho selected ‘A Walk 1’ by me and Nevsky Perspective. as part of the ‘listening room’ and that I got listen to and meet Brandon LaBelle, one of my favourite sound researchers/artists. Overall, the programme was varied, ranging from paper presentations to sound installations, performances, workshops and film screenings. ‘A Walk 1’ can be listened to on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Art School Live Festival 2022 Festival

I really enjoyed playing a DJ set at the Art School Live Festival 2022 next Friday from 6-8 pm with proceeds going to Brighter Sound.

My DJ set was a sonic journey through idiosyncratic beats by left-field electronica producers who think beyond genre, driven by a passion for sound and a sense of adventure.

Thank you for everyone who came down with special thanks to Evan for pulling this wonderful festival together and to Anna and Timmy for the pictures.

alto radio Sonic Journey #011

My latest alto radio show is now archived on Soundcloud.

This Sonic Journey is an eerie, uncanny and spooky affair, an invitation to dream and drift, to think and float.

The tracks played are:

Kate NV: Grass in the Woods

Rival Consoles: Monster

Kelly Lee Owens: Anadlu

Yann Tiersen: 11 5 18 2 5 18

foodman: Hikari

Mira Calix: rightclick

The Soft Pink Truth: We

Meitei: Nami

Giant Claw: Mir-Cam Startup

Rival Consoles: Outline of a Distant Memory

Kelly Lee Owens: Sonic 8


Thank you Walk the Plank and Morag Rose (Loiterers Resistance Movement) for a magical Day Out at Drinkies last Saturday. I started my Soundtrail activity in a hidden corner in the forest before moving up to the field. The instructions were to explore the Irwell trail through sound, draw a soundmap and reflect on one’s sonic experience. Thank you to everyone who collectively drew the soundmap with me and for everyone else who facilitated activities as part of the wider arts trail.

The White Hotel

Thank you Reneta aka solofemaleraver for booking me as support act for the wonderful 食品まつりa.k.aFOODMAN. It was a dream come true to play at The White Hotel and I believe we created a nice flow from my ambient start to my more beatdriven tracks before foodman taking off like a rocket in his insane live set. It was just right. Shout out to Phantom Limb Touring, Hyperdub Records and to the Music Venue Trust and their #mvtfightback campaign.

Thank you Ashley Garrod for this review: “Let’s talk support! Industries; acres of electronic space, sparse textures, a soundtrack for introspection. Atmosphere was the name of the game, and while the soothing hiss of his compositions doesn’t lend itself to my music graduate brain’s desire for excessive analysis, it was most enjoyable none-the-less, a fitting preparation for what was to come.”. Read the full review here.

Thank you as well Daniel Tsourekas for another great review – I loved your description of my music!

Pictures by Reneta aka solofemaleraver.


FLUFF #3 was a full success! Congratulations to my FLUFF partner in crime Norrisette who curated the event. I feel so honoured that we have set up this night together to both give a platform for our electronic music and to provide a stage for other queer electronic music producers. Fuel Café Bar become a home for FLUFF and Lee Parry has been providing great sound support for all our events so far. I feel so grateful that so many people have turned up to every FLUFF so far and I cannot believe the talent that has graced our stage. Yesterday we had three first time gigs by incredibly talented acts: Fraz Ireland and their experimental sound art set with lots of surprising samples and tons of humour, Neonshe’s invigorating j pop, and sexwithmadonna’s atmospheric, wild and erotic performance. And then of course there was Nortisette’s joyful set with special guest Rosé Gold. I will organise FLUFF #4 so watch this space…

FLUFF #3 announcement

FLUFF is back for a third time!!!! 


FLUFF is a night of queer electronica, live in Manchester, set up by Norrisette and Industries. This third instalment is curated by Norrisette. The night is a platform for queer electronic music producers to perform their music to a live audience (all welcome). The lineup for FLUFF #3 features:
Norrisette with special guests!!
This will be a relaxed, social space where people can mingle and chat before, between and after the sets, meet friends, make new connections. There will be a bar on the night that also serves soft drinks. The event is free, but we suggest a donation of £4 on the door. Please speak to us if you want to get involved in future events.
Click here for the Facebook event.

White Hotel gig announcement

I am excited to announce that I will be supporting 食品まつりa.k.a foodman (released under Hyperdub Records) at the White Hotel on April 25th for the #Fightback charity event with proceeds going to the Music Venue Trust. The theme will be transcen:dance – letting body movements and music frequences elevate your soul… Expect music that transcends sonic barriers, ascending into abstract, dancing patterns… Thank you Phantom.Limbo and solofemaleraver for making this happen! You can access the Resident Advisor event page to buy tickets here. and the Facebook event can be found here. See you there!

alto radio Sonic Journey #010

My latest alto radio show is now archived on Soundcloud.

This show is a blend of recent internet finds, sonic rediscoveries and recommendations by friends, including some dub, glitch, piano, hip hop and drone, interspersed with some nice danceable electronica.

The tracks played are:

Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou: The Homeless Wanderer

snd: h. A3 – 3

Leila: Underwaters (one for keni)

Loraine James: Change

Shygirl: BAWDY

Lee Gamble: M25 Echo

Kae Tempest: Keep Moving Don’t Move

Burial and Four Tet: Moth

Burial: Stolen Dog

Lee Gamble: Razor

Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou: The Story of the Wind