New mix for Sprechen

I made a mix for Sprechen — a sonic journey through left-field electronica, from ambient to experimental to techno. Thank you Chris Massey who called the mix “without a doubt one of the most unique and original curations we’ve had in a long time”. Listen to the mix here and see the tracklist below. Artwork by Volker Schütz.

Untitled: Untitled

Patrick Cowley: Sea of China

Howes: Overveen

Palace of Pleasure: Paprika

raaz: YR

Matmos: You

Akufen: In Dog we Trust

Cong Burn: Flutter

Shuttle: Bigeye

Objekt: Theme from Q

Means&3rd: Monark’s Dream

alto radio Sonic Journey #005

My latest mix for alto radio is now available here.

Expect an eerie blend of vocals, found sounds from my sister’s friend’s hard drive from over 10 years ago, random song selections around the same BPM, merging folk, jazz, left-field electronica, trip hop and noise in an explorative and adventurous fashion.

These are the tracks played:

Mim Davies: No World but Here

Boards of Canada: Eagle in your Mind

Cath Coffey: Walk (Score Version)

Money Mark: All the People

Chinese Man Records: More

Eels Shootenanny!: Love of the Loveless

Spaces: Stable

Badly Drawn Boy: S.P.A.T.

Helena: Île Amoureuse

Oil Thief: Death Sieve

Faultline: I Only Know Myself

Chocolate Elvis: Tosca

Cornershop: State Troopers (Part I)

Matmos: Teen Paranormal Romance

Spaces: Assembly

Ella Fitzgerald: I Love Paris

Angst4: In Gefahr (Industries Remix)

I made my first official remix for the great German post-punk band Angst4 and their song ‘In Gefahr’. I dissected all their stems and transformed them into an electromagnetic whirlwind of gloomy dangerous sounds. Enjoy the trip. Headphones recommended. Listen here. X

alto radio Sonic Journey #004

You can now listen back to my fourth mix for alto radio as part of my new Sonic Journeys show.

Voices, drones, beats, wild patterns, synthetic and organic instruments, electronica, jazz, lightness, melancholia, floating, longing, exploring…

Hope you enjoy.


The are the tracks played:

Vashti Bunyan: Window Over the Bay

Boards of Canada: Hiscores

DJ Python: Pia

Doctor Rockit: How Do You Do?

Modeselektor: Concrete Jungle

Plaid: B Born Droid

Brian Eno and David Byrne: Come With Us

Rabit: Flesh Covers The Bone

Vessel: Drowned in Water and Light

Current 93: The Beautiful Dancing Dust

Afrodeutsche: The_Beginning

Matmos: Teen Paranormal Romance

Skee Mask: Cerroverb

Miles Davis: Le Petit Bal (Take 1)

Björk: I Dansi Med Per

Aphex Twin: ΔMi−1 = −αΣn=1NDi[n][Σj∈C{i}Fji[n − 1] + Fexti[[n−1]]

Marvin Gaye: Inner City Blues


Soundpaths is a project by Manchester based music charity Brighter Sound as part of SICK Festival‘s MINDSCAPES programme. It is a digital soundmap in the form of a running and walking app for residents of Moston and Harpurhey. Greater Manchester artists were invited to contribute site specific sounds to the soundtrack of the app which was composed by composer Yoni Collier. I sonically represented the Blue Bell pub through combining field recordings of the surrounding areas and a sound recording of an old Facebook video that shows guests of the pub singing together, merging the sonic present and past, evoking a sense of nostalgia. Follow this link to take part

alto radio Sonic Journey #003

You can now listen back to my third mix for alto radio as part of my new Sonic Journeys show. This mix is all about patterns, structures and experimentation. Expect repetition, surprises. Noises, orchestras. Overlaps, crossfades. New sensations. Hope you enjoy!


These are the tracks played:

Floating Points (feat. London Symphony Orchestra): Movement 1 / Gary Fisher: Listen The Birds / Iceboy Violet: I LUV YOU ghost edit

Blanck Mass: Phase 1 / David Hykes (feat. Harmonic Choir): Arc Descents / peb: Like a Semicircular Slash Across the Full-Glown Plum -Spivak / Gary Fisher: Listen The Birds

Floating Points (feat. London Symphony Orchestra): Movement 3 / peb: Round I -Aria- / Doctor Rockit: Photos and Pebbles / peb: Round II -Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze-

Floating Points (feat. London Symphony Orchestra): Movement / Gary Fisher: Listen The Birds

alto radio Sonic Journeys #002

You can now listen back to my second mix for alto radio as part of my new Sonic Journeys show. This time a journey through eerie rhythms and drums, from ambient to abrasive… Going all the way up to 140 bpm!! Hope you enjoy the mix!


The tracks played are:

Clay: Spin

raaz: the first key

raaz: somebody’s out there?

raaz: YR

Cong Burn: Fold (F MIX)

Cong Burn: Mad Downer

Rayme: Heat of the Drums

French II: Control

Mr. Ho: Stons Got Up

Astrosuka: RSi1V2S3222

Nevsky Perspective: I’m Here You’re There

Oni Ayhun: OAR001-B (Original Mix)

alto radio Sonic Journeys #001

I am happy to announce that I started a monthly residency at alto radio where I will take you on a Sonic Journey every first Friday of the month from 7-8.

My first mix from the 5th of February 2021 is now online – click here to have a listen.

I hope you enjoy!


The tracks played are:

Industries feat. Nevsky Perspective: A Walk I

Henrietta Smith-Rolla: A Song For Him

Caterina Barbieri: SOTRS

Floating Points: Falaise

Skee Mask: Rev8617

Lianne La Havas: Paper Thin

Mica Kevi: Love

Four Tet: Parallel 6

Oil Thief: Dead Finks Don’t Listen

Industries feat. Nevsky Perspective: A Walk II

Jonny Greenwood: Alma

Melanie De Biasia: I’m Gonna Leave You (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix)