2020 has been a year of reflection for many people. I am grateful to say that it helped me to focus on developing myself as an artist. First, I collaborated with Bella Probyn on Open Field, a collage of my poem and her photograph that set out my good intentions for the year. In February, I visited my family in Germany as my travel plans for China couldn’t go ahead. I spontaneously organised two concerts, one in the contemporary art gallery Automat and one in the Kaverne Hookah Lounge, and one 5 hour DJ set on a Friday night in my favourite bar Stadtschenke a Choperia. It was with the help of the local School of Art and friends who provided me with equipment and audience members who donated generously that this mini tour could go ahead and that I earned money from it. Just before the first lockdown and back in Manchester, I played two Limbo Radio shows, two one on my own and one with the wonderful Antoin from Kiss Me Again. When the pandemic hit, I wrote a blog post for my work place Contact reflecting on the electronic music scene and the need for community in the face of the pandemic. I then focused on my music and finally released my first two singles Air and Reform on Bandcamp and on all streaming platforms. To celebrate each single release I streamed a concert and a DJ set from home. I then also performed an online concert for the The Vale and deejayed for the first ever Silver Pride, both recorded from my living room including my housemates as background dancers for the DJ set. When visiting Germany again in the Summer, I stood model for Volker Schütz and Johannes-Maria Schlorke’s Geisterspiel exhibition. I worked with Bella Probyn on an audio-visual commission for whatsticks theatre where we documented the view from the window of different participants as part of the Project Isolate; I also participated on Susanna Amato’s lockdown project Once This Is Over. I recorded my final show for Limbo Radio from home where I also recorded mixes for my Reform Radio takeover and the School of Electronic Music, the latter being selected as Mix of the Month in October. In Autumn I started my practice-based PhD at the Manchester School of Art where I am working on an interdisciplinary digital media project that will explore the relationship between Manchester and the self through soundmaps and psychogeography. To end the year, I released a philosophical manifesto on my website explaining my Industries brand and announced my first collaborative EP with Nevsky Perspective that will be released in January 2021. 

Here’s to healthy and creative new year!




Upcoming EP ‘A Walk’ announced

I am delighted to announce the release of a new EP featuring Nevsky Perspective. The EP is called ‘A Walk’ and will be released on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms on the 29th of January 2021.

‘A Walk’ is the result of a jam session between Hervé and me. He visited me in the late Summer of 2020 and we set ourselves up in the spare room, also known as the creative space. He brought his laptop, synth and mic and I used my laptop and MIDI controller and had a couple of samples and effects prepared. For the next two hours we just experimented, sipped tea, ate biscuits and didn’t talk. I then sat down and edited the recording and crafted two tracks that I think are representative of the sonic journey we created that night. Here’s to more jamming in electronic music and more collaborations amongst different electronic music producers and sound artists!

A special thank you to Luca Shaw who created the beautiful artwork for this release.


Brand explained / philosophical manifesto

INDUSTRIES is my artist name which I chose for myself when I was 16. I grew up in a post-industrial ghost city haunted by the iron industry. I also grew up next to a forest where I would go for daily walks. I was inspired how the structures of old industries vanished, while nature grew overgrew these, creating something new. This merge of industrial and organic structures resonated with me. I felt that like nature, we have to create new structures in the post-industrial world we live in, and let them grow them organically through nurturing our dreams and carving out space for ourselves to exist, breathe and evolve. Moving to Manchester I quickly realised that both cities are connected through its abandoned industries, iron and cotton, while still being surrounded by greenery. The difference was that Manchester provided me with the opportunity to realise my dream through creating my own take on electronic music. At that point I decided to reunite with my 16 year old self and use INDUSTRIES as my artist name to merge the past, present, my hometown and my chosen home, moving onwards. While ‘industries’ as a word is often associated with hard structures, I aim to breathe new meaning into the term, and associate with it newly created and organically grown structures in a post-industrial world. In the context of my music practice this means becoming an DIY artist seeking out connections to the music industry while simultaneously collaborating and nurturing an organically networked grassroots-community of DIY artists who support one another in the creation and distribution of new music. Even though I am a solo artist, I like that INDUSTRIES is a plural noun as it implies my belief in the power of collaboration and the importance of community. The key is that being an individual artist and part of a collective community that builds on collaboration does not exclude one another. Let’s create these new structures together.

Photograph by Bella Probyn.

Mix of the Month

I’m so happy that the School of Electronic Music has chosen mix as their Mix Of The Month. My mix will take you on a journey through distorted sounds, experimental field recordings and cutting-edge beats, drowned in an eerie, dark atmosphere. It contains tracks by left-field electronica producers who inspire me, four of which are from Manchester. They are very idiosyncratic in their approach, open and adventurous in their experimentation. Enjoy the sonic trip! The mix can be found here. Hope you enjoy!

Clemency: Mimic Animals That Are Easy To Love

Oni Ayhun: OAR001-B (Original Mix) 

Sigha: On The Strip (Original Mix)

SD Laika: I Don’t

Iceboy Violet: Chasing A Fish-Shaped Shadow

Rabit: Bloody Eye

peb: Introducing (Imp out our Drooping Countrie’s Broken Wing)

Vessel: Anima

The Haxan Cloak: The Mirror Reflecting (Part 1)

Klein: Claim It

John Howes: Oyc

Funckarma: Entity

Silver Pride Dj Set now online

My DJ Set for the first ever Silver Pride UK is live on Youtube now.

Silver Pride is ‘a culturally diverse and enriching programme of live performances, masterclasses and events to champion social inclusion and ensure elderly LGBT+ people are socially connected, celebrated and recognised for their contributions to culture and society.’

It was a pleasure to be involved and shout out to my housemates Timmy and Josh for dancing with me!


The tracks played are:

Monopoly Phonic: I Don’t Want To Know (feat. Violet Blonde & Lill)

The Knife: Pass This On (Shaken-Up Version)

Aja: Marbles

Matmos: Very Large Triangles

Sophie: Immaterial

Iceboy Violet: Domestic Cosy Thugga (Young Thug)

Live Stream presented by The Vale now available

Thank you to everyone who watched and listened to my live stream. Here is the video of my performance in case you missed it.

Thank you The Vale for providing a platform for me to perform and special thanks to Kate for organising and moderating the Facebook chat.

In my live stream, I used two images by two of my favourite visual artists. The incredible Volker Schütz provided the image in the bottom right corner entitled ‘Berührung’ (English: touch) which is also showcased at the Social Distancing Art Festival. The wonderful Violeta-inch Angelova stood model for this piece. In the top left corner you can see ‘Open Field’, a collaboration between the miraculous Bella Probyn and me, a collage between photography and poetry.



Reform Radio Takeover

I am grateful that Reform Radio let me take over their station last night.

You can listen to my takeover on Refom Radio’s website and on Mixcloud.

I presented my first two singles Air and Reform. Air uses field recordings of Manchester’s rain and comes with a windy instrumentation, whereas Reform contains field recordings of Manchester’s construction sites and comes with industrial drums and broken beats echoing urban spaces.

The other tracks were of producers that inspire me, mostly left-field electronica. These artists are all very idiosyncratic and think beyond genre. They are driven by passion for sound and a sense of adventure. I hope you will find them inspiring, too.

Industries: Air

SD Laika: Remote Heaven

Iglew: Sleep Tighter

Lanark Artefax: Touch Absence

Clemency: Biblical Names

Rabit: Imp

Industries: Reform

Spaces: Apologies

Destiny’s Child: Bills Bills Bills (Refix)

The Haxan Cloak: The Mirror Reflection (Part 1)

Funckarma: Entity

Klein: Claim It

Vessel: Euoi

Howes: Green Lense

Oni Ayhun: OAR001-B (Original Mix)

Limbo Radio Mix #006

Hello music folks,

I am happy to share my Limbo Radio Mix #006. It’s a mix of left-field electronica and more straightforward techno and house tracks featuring some Manchester talent. It my first mix I recorded using my new setup and a way of discovering and incorporating all the undiscovered tracks in my music collection.

I hope you enjoy!



Lanark Artefax: Touch Absence

Clemency: Biblical Names

Hanzo: South Manchester Jet Ski Club 1

Korzi: Blue Skies & Itchy Eyes

Leftfield: Afro-Left

Orbital: Lush 3-3 (Underworld)

Means & 3rd: Monark’s Dream

Detroit Great Pubahs & Frankie Bones: The Truth (Original Mix)

kollektiv turmstrasse: environmental influences

Youth ft. Spyda MC: Kawuku Sound (Contours & Cervo Drum Machine Mix)

Sigha: Expansions (Original Mix)

Clemency: Mimic Animals That Are Easy To Leave

Oni Ayhun: OAR001-B (Original Mix)

Rabit: Pandemic

Rabit: Imp

Matmos: Tunnel

Destiny’s Child: Bills Bills Bills (Refix)

Chicks on Speed: Kaltes Klares Wasser

kollektiv turmstrasse: multitasking

Matmos: Very Large Triangles

Sigha: On The Strip (Original Mix)

Arca: Nonbirary