Soundpaths is a project by Manchester based music charity Brighter Sound as part of SICK Festival‘s MINDSCAPES programme. It is a digital soundmap in the form of a running and walking app for residents of Moston and Harpurhey. Greater Manchester artists were invited to contribute site specific sounds to the soundtrack of the app which was composed by composer Yoni Collier. I sonically represented the Blue Bell pub through combining field recordings of the surrounding areas and a sound recording of an old Facebook video that shows guests of the pub singing together, merging the sonic present and past, evoking a sense of nostalgia. Follow this link to take part

New EP ‘A Walk’ Out Now plus Music Video Premiere

My new EP ‘A Walk’ featuring Nevsky Perspective is out now!

Purchase the EP on Bandcamp.

‘A Walk’ is the result of a jam session between Hervé and me. He visited me in the late Summer of 2020 and we set ourselves up in the spare room, also known as the creative space. He brought his laptop, synth and mic and I used my laptop and MIDI controller and had a couple of samples and effects prepared. For the next two hours we just experimented, sipped tea, ate biscuits and didn’t talk. I then sat down and edited the recording and crafted two tracks that I think are representative of the sonic journey we created that night. Here’s to more jamming in electronic music and more collaborations amongst different electronic music producers and sound artists!

A special thank you to Luca Shaw who created the beautiful artwork for this release.

To celebrate the release, I want to share the music video for A Walk I with you. The video was a lockdown DIY experiment. My housemate Timothy who had just started his Visual Anthropology MA grabbed his camera and we went to Alexandra Park. He filmed me walking through the Autumn leaves and got different shots of the trees to match the rhythms and vibes of the song.

Hope you enjoy!



Music written and produced by Markus Hetheier and Hervé Girardin.

Music edited and mixed by Markus Hetheier.

Music mastered by Darren Withaker.

Video shot by Timothy Gallagher.

Video edited by Markus Hetheier. 

Birdsong. Ready for bed. Sun setting.

Audio-visual collaboration with Bella Probyn.

Installation/commission for whatstick theatre using video submissions of people filming the landscape outside their window and talking during lockdown (May 2020) as part of Project ISOLATE.

Installation #15: Film the view from your window. Talk to us.

Sound Design – Markus Hetheier
Video Edit – Bella Probyn
Curator – Georgia Brown

Thanks to participants:
Mary Morris
Fenella Norman
Laura Dalby
Sass Holmes
Tilly Jackson
Andy Smith
Molly Smith-Bugge
Duncan McCombe
Ella Kay
Gail Green
Ottilie Nye
Chris Kent
Lisa Kay
Em Butler
Emmelie Dryburgh