alto radio Sonic Journey #012

This Sonic Journey is an exploration of improvised music, electroacoustic and synthetic percussion and dance music, ranging from eerie and moody to hyper and uplifting.

Listen here.

It is also be my last show with alto radio — it’s been an absolute pleasure being part of alto, but after 12 shows it is time for me to focus more on writing new music. Thank you for letting me be part of your team!

The tracks played are:

Industries: Air (Live Version)

Adam Fairhall: Mechanica (Live)

Flange Circus: Great Divisions

David Birchall: Play As Parable

foodman: Percussion Oyaji

raaz: somebody’s out there?


Daniel Avery feat. Kelly Lee Owens & HAAi: Chaos Energy

HAAi and Jon Hopkins: Baby, We’re Ascending

HAAi and Obi Franky: Purple Jelly Disc

Kate Bush: Aerial (excerpt)

Art School Live Festival 2022 Festival

I really enjoyed playing a DJ set at the Art School Live Festival 2022 next Friday from 6-8 pm with proceeds going to Brighter Sound.

My DJ set was a sonic journey through idiosyncratic beats by left-field electronica producers who think beyond genre, driven by a passion for sound and a sense of adventure.

Thank you for everyone who came down with special thanks to Evan for pulling this wonderful festival together and to Anna and Timmy for the pictures.

alto radio Sonic Journey #011

My latest alto radio show is now archived on Soundcloud.

This Sonic Journey is an eerie, uncanny and spooky affair, an invitation to dream and drift, to think and float.

The tracks played are:

Kate NV: Grass in the Woods

Rival Consoles: Monster

Kelly Lee Owens: Anadlu

Yann Tiersen: 11 5 18 2 5 18

foodman: Hikari

Mira Calix: rightclick

The Soft Pink Truth: We

Meitei: Nami

Giant Claw: Mir-Cam Startup

Rival Consoles: Outline of a Distant Memory

Kelly Lee Owens: Sonic 8

alto radio Sonic Journey #010

My latest alto radio show is now archived on Soundcloud.

This show is a blend of recent internet finds, sonic rediscoveries and recommendations by friends, including some dub, glitch, piano, hip hop and drone, interspersed with some nice danceable electronica.

The tracks played are:

Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou: The Homeless Wanderer

snd: h. A3 – 3

Leila: Underwaters (one for keni)

Loraine James: Change

Shygirl: BAWDY

Lee Gamble: M25 Echo

Kae Tempest: Keep Moving Don’t Move

Burial and Four Tet: Moth

Burial: Stolen Dog

Lee Gamble: Razor

Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou: The Story of the Wind

alto radio Sonic Journey #009

My latest alto radio show is now archived on Soundcloud.

This Sonic Journey is a blend of dreamy, eerie, haunting tracks and delicious beats, grooves and percussion, a bit sentimental but forward-facing.

The tracks played are:

Suicide: Cheree

The Sweet Enoughs: Marshmallow

Lone: Jaded

Plaid: Ralome

Yasuaki Shimizu: 美しき天然

Blood Orange: Sutphin Boulevard

Fabrizio Paterlini: All My Joy, All My Pain

Tirzah: No Romance

upsammy: Flutter

Mary Lattimore: Sometimes He’s In My Dreams

Max Cooper: Lovesong

Sarah Davachi: Play The Ghost

The Strokes: Call It Fate Call It Karma

Bonnie “Prince” Billy: Stay On It

Hope you enjoy!


alto radio Sonic Journey #008

My latest alto radio show is now archived on Soundcloud.

This Sonic Journey will take you through ambient beats and strings, raw beats, dub(step), left-field electronica, a bit of hip hop and jazz, including local talent, new music and a couple of classics.

The tracks played are:

Holy Other: Bough Down / Boards of Canada: You Could Feel The Sky (Mash Up)

Ana Roxann: Camille

Clemency: Mantra Calm

Tirzah: Inside Out

Kanye West: Believe What I Say

Howes: DVR 16

Mary Lattimore: We Wave From Our Boats

Max Cooper: Repetition

Synkro: Presence

Matmos: Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein

Secret Night Gang: The Sun

Northworks: Keep Trying / Jon Hopkins: Sit Around the Fire (Mash Up)

Hope you enjoy!


alto radio Sonic Journey #007

This Sonic Journey will take you through a rare minimal techno and jazz collab from Berlin to some local talent, with the likes of Space Afrika, Howes and Clemency – DJ, and further dive into the adventurous territories of left-field electronica…

Shout out to Antoin Lindsay who let me record this mix at his (I messed up my laptop after almost a decade without accident, but I got a new one now) — it was fun mixing vinyl and mp3s!

Pretty sneaky: B1

Space Afrika: yyyyyy2222O

jerime: Mansur’s Interlude

Clemency: Drum Circles Against Lamentation

Holly Herndon: Chorus

Huerco S.: Ragtime U.S.A. (Warning) – Antoin’s choice

Shinichi Atobe: Regret

Hodge & Randomer: Slipping

Howes: Overveen

Klein: Claim It (Intro)

Clemency: The Crude Foyer

Space Afrika: you or me

alto radio Sonic Journey #006

My Sonic Journeys show from July can be listened to here.

Reverie. A daydream. Percussion. Synths. Jazz. Trip Hop. Beats. Drifting. An impulse.

Bela Emerson: I jumped but I didn’t scream

Palace of Pleasure: Release The Pleasure

Broadcast: Echo’s Answer

Rainer Veil: FM2

Four Tet: Daughter

Current 93: Love’s Young Dream

Jonny Greenwood: Phantom Thread II

Megaton Shotblast: Rodche Defects

DJ Unknown Face: Dat’s Cool

Ballistic Brothers: Come On

Samon Kawamura: Morioka Sunset (JS Love)

Nightmares On Wax: Morse

Run-D.M.C.: Bob Your Head

New mix for Sprechen

I made a mix for Sprechen — a sonic journey through left-field electronica, from ambient to experimental to techno. Thank you Chris Massey who called the mix “without a doubt one of the most unique and original curations we’ve had in a long time”. Listen to the mix here and see the tracklist below. Artwork by Volker Schütz.

Untitled: Untitled

Patrick Cowley: Sea of China

Howes: Overveen

Palace of Pleasure: Paprika

raaz: YR

Matmos: You

Akufen: In Dog we Trust

Cong Burn: Flutter

Shuttle: Bigeye

Objekt: Theme from Q

Means&3rd: Monark’s Dream

alto radio Sonic Journey #005

My latest mix for alto radio is now available here.

Expect an eerie blend of vocals, found sounds from my sister’s friend’s hard drive from over 10 years ago, random song selections around the same BPM, merging folk, jazz, left-field electronica, trip hop and noise in an explorative and adventurous fashion.

These are the tracks played:

Mim Davies: No World but Here

Boards of Canada: Eagle in your Mind

Cath Coffey: Walk (Score Version)

Money Mark: All the People

Chinese Man Records: More

Eels Shootenanny!: Love of the Loveless

Spaces: Stable

Badly Drawn Boy: S.P.A.T.

Helena: Île Amoureuse

Oil Thief: Death Sieve

Faultline: I Only Know Myself

Chocolate Elvis: Tosca

Cornershop: State Troopers (Part I)

Matmos: Teen Paranormal Romance

Spaces: Assembly

Ella Fitzgerald: I Love Paris