Highlights of 2023

Music, art and research

I released Wales, a collaboration with Indigo Jung and Northworks and did a mix themed around German electronic music for Transcen:dance. My music video for A Walk 1 featuring Nevsky Perspective was exhibited at the MSARC PGR showcase at Oxford 70. I continued my participatory practice-based research project on queer sonic geographies of Manchester at the School of Digital Arts.

Wales artwork by Markus Hetheier

FLUFF and Sounds from the Other City festival

Norrisette and I continued to run FLUFF, our queer electronica night, at Fuel Café Bar. I curated and promoted FLUFF #8 and #10 with 4xi, Mikey P, Cynthia’s Periscope, Knowing the Oak Tree, Danny H, Snuggle Ninja, Renee Stormz and The Silver Field as artists.

Norrisette and I were also invited to curate and promote a stage at Sounds from the Other City festival together with Tales From Other Worlds, a Manchester-based promotion company run by Lavender Rodriguez.The artists included Is33n, Dayzee Chain, Nøelle, Caitlin LM, Rosé Gold and Phia Sky. Norrisette, Lavender and I deejayed in between the live sets and prior to the festival. Norrisette and I also did a DJ takeover at Feel Good Club.

Photograph by Mike Plunkett

Live and DJ sets

I played live at FLUFF #7 premiering new material and was the opener for System Exclusive at The Castle Hotel promoted by Hey! Manchester. Besides deejaying at Feel Good Club and Sounds from the Other City festival, I also deejayed at The WRD event at Contact.

Photograph by Baaby Belle

See you in 2024 with new music, collaborations and events!