Wales out now!

Wales artwork by Markus Hetheier

I am very pleased to finally release my newest project called Wales into the world.

Wales is a collaboration between me and Indigo Jung. We played with different samples, like my field recordings of Wales, and mixed them with synthetic and other acoustic samples, such as acoustic drum samples. The result is a chill, experimental electronica track inspired by Wales’ beautiful nature. The flowing water running through the mountains is expressed in organic sounding synth loops that merge with the recordings of streams, mixed with hints of electromagnetic waves.

The remix of Wales by Northworks is inspired by Manchester’s Acid House legacy, taking the track from a more chill, relaxed emotional place inspired by hiking trips in Wales to the more danceable, bouncy realm of Manchester’s electronic music heritage.

Purchase it here and let us know what you think.

Written and produced by Markus Hetheier and Arif Michael True.

Mixed by Markus Hetheier.

Remixed by Michael Gallagher.

Mastered by Julian Holloway (High Peak Recordings).

Artwork by Markus Hetheier.

‘A Walk 1’ presented at Audire Conference in Portugal

It was a pleasure participating in the Audire Conference (Sound Experiences: Memory, Creativity and Participation) in Braga, Portugal. I was especially excited that curator Cláudia Martinho selected ‘A Walk 1’ by me and Nevsky Perspective. as part of the ‘listening room’ and that I got listen to and meet Brandon LaBelle, one of my favourite sound researchers/artists. Overall, the programme was varied, ranging from paper presentations to sound installations, performances, workshops and film screenings. ‘A Walk 1’ can be listened to on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Angst4: In Gefahr (Industries Remix)

I made my first official remix for the great German post-punk band Angst4 and their song ‘In Gefahr’. I dissected all their stems and transformed them into an electromagnetic whirlwind of gloomy dangerous sounds. Enjoy the trip. Headphones recommended. Listen here. X

Music Video for ‘A Walk 2’

New music video alert!

This music video for ‘A Walk 2‘ is the polar opposite to the video for ‘A Walk 1’. Whereas the first video was serving warm vintage ambient vibes, this one is serving nightmarish Stranger Things vibes.

Buy the full EP here:

And while you’re at, watch the music video for ‘A Walk 1 ’ here:

Hope you enjoy!




Music written and produced by Markus Hetheier and Hervé Girardin. 

Music edited and mixed by Markus Hetheier. 

Music mastered by Darren Withaker. 

Video shot by Timothy Gallagher. 

Video edited by Markus Hetheier. 

New EP ‘A Walk’ Out Now plus Music Video Premiere

My new EP ‘A Walk’ featuring Nevsky Perspective is out now!

Purchase the EP on Bandcamp.

‘A Walk’ is the result of a jam session between Hervé and me. He visited me in the late Summer of 2020 and we set ourselves up in the spare room, also known as the creative space. He brought his laptop, synth and mic and I used my laptop and MIDI controller and had a couple of samples and effects prepared. For the next two hours we just experimented, sipped tea, ate biscuits and didn’t talk. I then sat down and edited the recording and crafted two tracks that I think are representative of the sonic journey we created that night. Here’s to more jamming in electronic music and more collaborations amongst different electronic music producers and sound artists!

A special thank you to Luca Shaw who created the beautiful artwork for this release.

To celebrate the release, I want to share the music video for A Walk I with you. The video was a lockdown DIY experiment. My housemate Timothy who had just started his Visual Anthropology MA grabbed his camera and we went to Alexandra Park. He filmed me walking through the Autumn leaves and got different shots of the trees to match the rhythms and vibes of the song.

Hope you enjoy!



Music written and produced by Markus Hetheier and Hervé Girardin.

Music edited and mixed by Markus Hetheier.

Music mastered by Darren Withaker.

Video shot by Timothy Gallagher.

Video edited by Markus Hetheier. 

Reform Radio Takeover

I am grateful that Reform Radio let me take over their station last night.

You can listen to my takeover on Refom Radio’s website and on Mixcloud.

I presented my first two singles Air and Reform. Air uses field recordings of Manchester’s rain and comes with a windy instrumentation, whereas Reform contains field recordings of Manchester’s construction sites and comes with industrial drums and broken beats echoing urban spaces.

The other tracks were of producers that inspire me, mostly left-field electronica. These artists are all very idiosyncratic and think beyond genre. They are driven by passion for sound and a sense of adventure. I hope you will find them inspiring, too.

Industries: Air

SD Laika: Remote Heaven

Iglew: Sleep Tighter

Lanark Artefax: Touch Absence

Clemency: Biblical Names

Rabit: Imp

Industries: Reform

Spaces: Apologies

Destiny’s Child: Bills Bills Bills (Refix)

The Haxan Cloak: The Mirror Reflection (Part 1)

Funckarma: Entity

Klein: Claim It

Vessel: Euoi

Howes: Green Lense

Oni Ayhun: OAR001-B (Original Mix)

Second single ‘Reform’ out now!

My second single ‘Reform‘ is out now on all online music platforms. Whereas ‘Air’ uses field recordings of rain and explores windy and airy themes, ‘Reform’ contains field recordings of Manchester’s construction sites and comes with industrial sounding drums and broken beats echoing urban spaces. Volker Schütz contributed an artwork that serves as polar twin to the ‘Air’ artwork. This is why I decided to release both songs in succession and shortly after one another. I hope you enjoy the contrast in sound and image! X

First single ‘Air‘ out now!

I am happy to announce that my first single ‘Air‘ is now available on all streaming platforms and in online stores. The song contains field recordings of Manchester’s rain and comes with a light and fluffy instrumentation. Volker Schütz delivered the artwork for which the wonderful Hanna Sprengel stood model. I would recommend listening to ‘Air’ in the sunshine, in your garden or local park, and just zone out for a bit. Happy spring! X