Wales out now!

Wales artwork by Markus Hetheier

I am very pleased to finally release my newest project called Wales into the world.

Wales is a collaboration between me and Indigo Jung. We played with different samples, like my field recordings of Wales, and mixed them with synthetic and other acoustic samples, such as acoustic drum samples. The result is a chill, experimental electronica track inspired by Wales’ beautiful nature. The flowing water running through the mountains is expressed in organic sounding synth loops that merge with the recordings of streams, mixed with hints of electromagnetic waves.

The remix of Wales by Northworks is inspired by Manchester’s Acid House legacy, taking the track from a more chill, relaxed emotional place inspired by hiking trips in Wales to the more danceable, bouncy realm of Manchester’s electronic music heritage.

Purchase it here and let us know what you think.

Written and produced by Markus Hetheier and Arif Michael True.

Mixed by Markus Hetheier.

Remixed by Michael Gallagher.

Mastered by Julian Holloway (High Peak Recordings).

Artwork by Markus Hetheier.