alto radio Sonic Journeys #002

You can now listen back to my second mix for alto radio as part of my new Sonic Journeys show. This time a journey through eerie rhythms and drums, from ambient to abrasive… Going all the way up to 140 bpm!! Hope you enjoy the mix!


The tracks played are:

Clay: Spin

raaz: the first key

raaz: somebody’s out there?

raaz: YR

Cong Burn: Fold (F MIX)

Cong Burn: Mad Downer

Rayme: Heat of the Drums

French II: Control

Mr. Ho: Stons Got Up

Astrosuka: RSi1V2S3222

Nevsky Perspective: I’m Here You’re There

Oni Ayhun: OAR001-B (Original Mix)