Mix of the Month

I’m so happy that the School of Electronic Music has chosen mix as their Mix Of The Month. My mix will take you on a journey through distorted sounds, experimental field recordings and cutting-edge beats, drowned in an eerie, dark atmosphere. It contains tracks by left-field electronica producers who inspire me, four of which are from Manchester. They are very idiosyncratic in their approach, open and adventurous in their experimentation. Enjoy the sonic trip! The mix can be found here. Hope you enjoy!

Clemency: Mimic Animals That Are Easy To Love

Oni Ayhun: OAR001-B (Original Mix) 

Sigha: On The Strip (Original Mix)

SD Laika: I Don’t

Iceboy Violet: Chasing A Fish-Shaped Shadow

Rabit: Bloody Eye

peb: Introducing (Imp out our Drooping Countrie’s Broken Wing)

Vessel: Anima

The Haxan Cloak: The Mirror Reflecting (Part 1)

Klein: Claim It

John Howes: Oyc

Funckarma: Entity