Thank you to everyone who came to FLUFF #8 and for continuing to create a warm, inviting space for queer electronic musicians to perform their music live. Thank you 4xi for shaking all the molecules in our body with your thrilling opening set. Thank you Mikey P for allowing us to witness your first live gig and hear recently finished versions of the beautiful songs you started writing in the 90s. Thank you Cynthia’s Periscope for choosing this occassion for your first live gig in three years and delivering such a dynamic performance. Finally, thank you Knowing the Oak Tree for creating such an intimate and captivating performance merging electronica with classical instruments, gracefully merging folklore, abstract soundscapes with hot beats, saxophone and violin solos with delicate vocals, all delivered with grace and humour. It was a joy! Thank you Heidi for sorting the sound and Fuel Café Bar for hosting us again. Until next time!


All photographs by me except last one by my FLUFF wive Norrisette.