Keeping in Contact

‘If not at events, where do we meet now to sustain our community?’

I wrote a blog for Contact about how the electronic music scene sticks together as a community through the world wide web. Have a read, hope you enjoy. X

Often people associate Germany, my home country, with electronic music. However, I grew up in a more rural part in the Southwest of Germany near the French border where there are not many opportunities to develop oneself artistically.

When I moved to Manchester over two years ago, one of my missions was to develop my skills as an electronic music producer and to connect with like-minded people.

I studied at the School of Electronic Music and started going to club nights, such as Kiss Me Again and Bollox. I started producing and performing under my stage name Industries. I was drawn to the idea of community and people operating in a DIY ethos that is based on the principle of necessity. Whenever I needed help with my productions, I could ask my friends from the School of Electronic Music. Over time and through being out and about I have met a couple of producers and DJs in the scene who became friends and some even collaborators. In each case, building a friendship and community has always been more important than a product that might come out of a collaboration.

One thing that we all have in common is that we are juggling different responsibilities: some have multiple (part-time) jobs, some are freelancers (and might have a part-time job), some have family, some are still in education. With the coronavirus crisis, the event industry is struggling hard and many friends of mine have lost a lot of work and money. But if not at events, where do we meet now to sustain our community and support each other in this difficult situation? Here are a few examples of how electronic music lovers have used the world wide web to connect with one another, share their passion and help others out.

  • Many clubs, record labels, producers and DJs started live streaming to audiences at home.
  • I really enjoyed Defected Records streaming live from Ministry of Sound via Facebook.
  • In Berlin promoters, clubs and artists have created the world’s largest virtual club #UnitedWeStream streaming daily from different night clubs in Berlin.
  • Some companies and producers started giving away freebies for music production: Legowelt offers a Quasimidi Sirius sample pack based on a German digital synthesizer from 1998, on Synthtopia you can download free modular synthesizers, Korg has made the iKaossilator available as app for iPhone and iPad
  • German ambient artist Hainbach put his very own sample pack Isolated Loopson Bandcamp and you can pay what you want.
  • Bandcamp weaved all their fees for one day so that 100% of the income went straight to the artists, which came to over $4,300,000 in total
  • There is a free Sound Production in Ableton Live for Musicians and Artists online course on Class Central for anyone who wants to start or step up their game in using this Digital Audio Workstation that could be described as the industry standard.
  • In one Facebook group I am in, one of Manchester’s finest DJ collective uploaded unreleased demos from their upcoming EP to keep us dancing while being at home
  • Limbo Radio, arguably Manchester’s best underground radio station where I have played a few times, moved from their studio space and asked associated producers and DJs if to record sets form home to keep the music going.
  • I am also part of one Facebook group that has the mission to save the scene – here people are actively naming problems the current situation causes, needs that we have and what we demand the government to provide in response.

All the above examples show that, despite the electronic music scene being in a very precarious situation, members of the scene ranging from software companies, labels, promoters, club owners to producers and DJs come together in digital spaces to connect, share music, software, ideas, and have constructive discussions on how to move forward to ensure our future. I know that things are not easy now, but I also feel excited for the future and all the good things to come out of this situation!

Image Credits: Volker Schütz and Rob Conroy.

Limbo Radio Mix #005

Hey fellow music lovers! I’m happy to share my last Limbo Radio show that I did with Antoin Lindsay (Kiss Me Again) — we went crazy, moving from 80 bpm to 160 back, forth, and in between, a joyous journey! It was so much fun, hope you like it. X

Caribou: Sister

Four Tet: Daughter

Jay Glass Dubs: Magazine Dub

Low Jack: More Speed 

Howes: Green Lense

Rainer Veil: FM 2

Pearson Sound: Gambetta

Telefon Tel Aviv: Sound In A Dark Room (Bassnectar Remix)

Metrist: Auld Flaurist

Bfft: Like

Klein: gaz city

Bulma: Ronin

Sikka Rymes: Shake Ya Body (Fission Riddim)

Jlin: Carbon 7

Itoa: B 2the B (160 bpm)

Foodman: Mosquito & Clap

Dj Nate: Footwurk Homicide

DJ Marfox: 2685

Marie Davidson: Workaholic Paranoid Bitch

Marie Davidson: So Right

Ondo Fudd: The Mess

Cassie: Me & U (Mickey Pearce’s Mickey Luvs Cassie Remix)

Yardman Riddim ft Jamakabi: Concrete Jungle (Beneath’s 350 Remix)

Hodge & Randomer: Slipping

Haxton: Nocturne

KLO: Melt!

Lobby: 3D Thinking

Tlc Fam: Ndanda Yethu

Nkc: Posh Buzz

2 Step/Groove Chronicles: Stone Cold

Gig at Automat

Thank you Automat and Volker Schütz for giving me the opportunity to play in my hometown.

It was the first gig in this art space and my first full length gig back home — an exciting experiment, all arranged last minute DIY punk style. Thank you for all the familiar and new face who came, listened and stayed for beers until late. It was a pleasure!

We also old our first couple of vinyl art pieces containing a download slip for Air. The music is by me, the artwork by Volker.


Pictures by Volker Schütz, except last two which were taken by me.

Limbo Radio Mix #004

Thank you Limbo Radio for letting me play my first radio show of the year. This mix simply contains all the tracks that turned me on recently. Due to personal circumstances, it ended up having loads of weird melancholic dissonant electronica and eerie almost humorous elements in it. I was also thinking of my dear music friends who suffered a mutual personal loss today. Even though I did not know Alex I feel deeply sorry that such a passionate soul had to leave us early. I would like to dedicate this mix to him. 

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Shining Boy & Little Randy

Have A Nice Life: A Quick One Before the Eternal Worms Devours Connecticut

Telefon Tel Aviv: John Thomas on the Inside Is Nothing but Foam

Patrick Cowley: Deep Inside You

Funckarma: Strip

Björk: Notget (Lotic Keptsafe Version)

oscestra: organism // oxygen // drive (RFLX Remix)

Funckarma: Velvet

Marie Davidson: Daydreaming (Afrodeutsche Remix) – beatless version

Giorgio Moroder: Chase

Klein: Claim It

Björk: Lionsong (Choral Mix & Untold)

Actress, London Contemporary Orchestra: Audio Track 5

Croatian Armor, Jonnine Standish: Dark Cut

TOKiMONSTA & Yuna: Don’t Call Me

Mount Kimbie: Maybes

Antena: To Climb the Cliff

Jlin: Enigma 

LYZZA: Girls R Us

Aisha Devi: Two Serpents

Holly Herndon: Chorus 

Marie Davidson: Daydreaming (Afrodeutsche Remix)

Funckarma: Sparkzz (partial)


Open Field

New year, new energy, new projects: May I present Open Field, a collaboration between Bella Probyn and me. I wrote the poem and Bella provided a photograph in which she integrated it. Open Field is a mantra that will hopefully set a positively reflective and intentional tone for 2020.

Limbo Radio Mix #003

It was an absolute pleasure to create this set focusing on HEALING together with Matthew Rothery from Kiss Me Again. Thank you Limbo Radio for having us! Hope you will enjoy the selection and the healing vibes will be received… X

Patrick Cowley: Sea of China

Croatian Amor: La Hills Burn at the Peak of Winter

Palace of Pleasure: Migrant

Arca: Vanity

Funckarma: Untitled

Boards of Canada: Jacquard Causeway

Hainbach: Gestures 2

John Hopkins: Singularity

Kelly Lee Owens: Anxi

Susumu Yokota: Hisen

Ochre: 111

Leila: Space, Love

Tonik Ensemble: Synaesthesia

Biosphere: Hyperborea

John Howes: MP CD 13

Untitled: Untitled

Boards of Canada: Buckie High

Untitled: Untitled

Untitled: Untitled

Cocteau Twins: Cherry Coloured Funk (Seefeel Remix)

Max Richter: On the Nature of Daylight (Orchestral Version)

Arthur Russell: This Is How We Walk on the Moon

Björk: Family (Strings Version)

serpentwithfeet: bless your heart

Limbo Radio Mix #002

Hoorah, my latest radio mix is online. Thank you Limbo Radio for inviting me back, it was so much fun! 

I played a partly self-indulgent set, some ambient, some noise, a bit of poetry, some beats. I also played one unreleased, forthcoming track “Gothik”, stay tuned…

Industries: Open Field, A Journey

Industries: Soundscape of the City (Live at Sounds From the Other City Festival)

Industries: Untitled (Unreleased)

Björk: Arisen My Senses (Lanark Artefax Remix)

Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange: Falling

David Hykes: Arc Descents

Vashti Bunyan: Holy Smoke

Hainbach: A Quiet Adieu

Oscestra: dolphins

Howes: Source 000535

Boards of Canada: Sunshine Recorder

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Fullmoon

Oil Thief: Hamburg

Philip Davenport: The Wishing Machine

Industries: Gothik (Live at Waterside Arts, Unreleased) – with 
extended intro including an edited version of Volker Schütz’s Hören and Sehen – Audiovisuelle Performance mit einem Oszilloskop

Oil Thief: Cologne

Aja: Marbles

Oil Thief: The History

The Haxan Cloak: The Drop

I hope you enjoy!